Case Studies

Case Study 101

Client/Business Type: Professional Services Firm

Ownership Structure: Co-owned by two individuals, each with a son involved in the enterprise.

Key Challenge: Shape a succession plan to transfer ownership in an orderly fashion to two sons.

Approach:  A day-long, deep-dive discovery session was held with all four individuals to examine each individual’s and each generation’s ideas and concerns about the future of the business, the possible time frames of transition of leadership, and options to facilitate the recycling of ownership.

Outcome: All parties agreed on a general outline and multi-year timetable to facilitate the transition of ownership and leadership from the first generation to the second generation.  Core elements of the plan involved the purchase of key-man life insurance, careful estate planning strategies and episodic business valuations.


Case Study 102

Client/Business Type: Professional Services Firm

Ownership Structure: Owned by eight of the firm’s professionals.

Key Challenge: Improve growth and profitability of the firm.

Approach: Interviews were held with each of the firm’s principals to garner varying viewpoints on business development effectiveness, operating efficiencies, client service capabilities and expectations for the future.  The observations and findings were analyzed, leading to a series of recommendations that were presented to the group for its consideration.

Outcome: Identification of several adjacent market opportunities along with the implementation of a more structured and efficient client-servicing program, the latter of which include specific measurements and metrics to monitor progress on a going-forward basis.


Case Study 103

Client/Business Type: Professional Services Firm

Ownership Structure: Wholly owned by a publicly-traded holding company professionals.

Key Challenge: Improve new business growth rate of the firm.

Approach: Analyzed in detail the direct selling process of the firm and assessed the results against benchmarked firms.

Outcome: Identified a complementary sales effort that focused on intermediaries and potential referral sources.  Execution of this plan led to a 2% increase in the firm’s aggregate revenues within the succeeding nine months.


Case Study 104

Client/Business Type: Professional Services Firm

Ownership Structure: Owned by eight of the firm’s professionals, across two generations.

Key Challenge: Construct a retention plan for the firm’s second generation in anticipation of a sale of the firm within the following year.

Approach: Identified possible alternative structures and analyzed the financial impact under a broad range of scenarios.

Outcome:  Implemented a long-term incentive plan that enabled the second and subsequent generations to share in the future growth of the firm’s value.  Key elements included a length-of-service requirement and a future payout schedule that incents each generation to nurture and develop succeeding leadership teams.


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