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Navigating Personal and Professional Change with Lori Hardwick, CEO of Wealth Tech at RRSP

Check out this great podcast from our friends at AchieveNEXT where Lori shares some of her background and insights into what the future holds.

In this episode…

Developing your career comes with its fair share of change, mistakes, and successes. As Lori Hardwick says, it’s all about taking chances and learning what works for you—and what doesn’t. So, how can you continue to grow in your industry after each milestone? What action steps should you take to reach your professional and leadership goals?

Lori has experienced many transitions throughout her career and, as a result, has taken many risks. With 25 years in the industry and experience with a variety of companies, Lori is an expert at navigating change both personally and professionally. Now, as an established leader in her industry, she is here to share her advice on how to learn from your mistakes, take chances, and accelerate your career growth.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco talks with Lori Hardwick, the CEO of Wealth Tech at Red Rock Strategic Partners, about career development in the wealth tech industry. Lori shares the lessons she learned while accelerating her career, her strategies for approaching unforeseen circumstances as a leader, and why taking risks is essential for professional growth. She also reveals her tips for creating impactful change through diversity, leadership, and team engagement. Stay tuned.

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