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Our Process

We follow a disciplined approach focusing on four pillars: Business Strategy, Platform Development, Productivity, and Sustainment.

Our End-to-End Approach is Unique and Results Driven

We believe that in order to drive tangible revenue and profit growth, it is vital to impact several key functional areas of the business. We follow a disciplined approach focusing on four pillars:

Overall Business Strategy

Define and size the market in which client currently participates

Analyze macro-level demand trends by product and/or category

Develop an understanding of which products/categories client may be under-invested

Analyze sales by key client and estimate share of wallet

Evaluate new customers and markets which may be attractive to client and recommend high-level market strategies to participate in these markets and with prospective customers

Identify opportunities based on product sales and key clients to expand existing product sales and share of wallet to existing relationships

Overall Business Strategy

Platform /Model Development

Define the platform of the future and the impact on revenue, profits, advisor adoption and client experience

Evaluate key competitors with similar product offering and compare and contrast offer, geographical base, size, advertising strategies and price points

Identify opportunities for clients to take advantage of pricing advantages, geographic reach, advertising strategies or key offer advantage

Develop high-level marketing plan that shows where client is advantaged such that client can go-to-market with this information to help differentiate itself from competition

Track and monitor results

Platform Model Dev


Clearly define advisor segments, needs, issues and potential growth impact

Work with management, leadership and field support to address unique needs, challenges and growth opportunities

Build and deliver key productivity initiatives to respective advisor segments

Establish reporting structure and communication flow to management

Establish platform to leverage multiple learning mediums

Track and monitor results



Based on training and professional development initiatives, develop unique sustainment and coaching initiatives

Ensure coaching is focused, sustainable, needs-based and results-oriented

Define methods of measurement and tracking results

Establish communication loop with leadership and management

Access content library and customize content based on needs and issues

Address both competency gaps and skills gaps along with team issues and needs

Report results

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