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Achieve optimal balance between short term results and long term stakeholder value.

Tactical Strategy

Wealth management firms often approach us with a growth challenge:

How can we evolve from a business predicated on the talents and personalities of individuals to one driven by the power of the organization?  

The daily challenges of running a business can leave you vulnerable to issues that will inhibit future organizational growth. Constant changes in technology, regulatory environments, competitors, and client demands make predicting the future difficult. 


Red Rock has the expertise to perform a comprehensive analysis of your business and provide specific, tactical implementation plans to ensure your model leads to sustainable, long term, profitable growth that is driven by the organization, not the individual.

Tactical Strategy

Optimize Productivity

The revenue growth model for financial institutions is still largely dependent on the productivity of its advisor force. 

Red Rock partners with financial institutions to create an environment of optimal advisor productivity. Tactical strategy development in the area of productivity optimization include:

  • Strengthening operating models and support resources to ensure advisors are spending a majority of their time dispensing financial advice

  • Harnessing the power of data and analytics frameworks and technology suites to ensure future scalability

  • Delivering a comprehensive, total balance sheet financial planning approach which maximizes client relationships

  • Developing strong leadership teams to support advisor growth and drive results 

Optimize Producivity

Maximize Team Performance

A team is not simply any group of people working together. A team is a committed group of people with complementary skills, working together to achieve common goals based on a specific purpose. As a result, getting your team structure right is vital to growth. 

Red Rock Strategic Partners has decades of experience working with institutions to build, grow, and evolve teams. We help our clients perfect the overall team model based on the following components:

  • Building the right team for your strategy

  • Building team plans and protocols

  • Addressing team interpersonal dynamics

  • Modeling a client-centric team focus

  • Aligning compensation and incentive models

Maximize Team Performance

Driving Technology Adoption

The current environment of financial services is one of ubiquitous information availability.

The competitive advantage for financial institutions both today and tomorrow is turning information into insight and insight into action.

Red Rock works with financial institutions to develop tactical strategies which support an applicable data and analytics framework, fully integrated technology suite, and high rates of user adoption to drive profitable revenue growth, increased advisor retention, and greater client satisfaction.

Technology Adoption
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