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RIA Executive Engine

What is RIA Executive Engine?

RIA Executive Engine is an advisory and outsourced support service exclusive to registered investment advisory firms who are searching for growth and resources. Red Rock’s RIA Executive Engine offers the institutional knowledge of experienced wealth management executives in a proven, cost-effective, and customizable manner to help you achieve faster business growth and organizational maturity.

How does it work?

RIA Executive Engine provides an adaptable and efficient consulting approach that fits the needs of your business in 4 easy steps:

Basic assessment of needs conducted to determine scope and scale of project

Creation of 3-year strategy + execution plan

Delivery of support. Tools, resources, guidance provided (level of engagement based upon selected service level).

Turnover of responsibilities to identified internal individuals

Overall Business Strategy

How do I get started?

The initial step in the process is to complete a short self-assessment of your business and establish first mover priorities.   It should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. This assessment can be leveraged by you and your team at no cost or can help us have a more meaningful first strategic conversation about your firm.

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