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Red Rock Strategic Partners and Marc Butler Consulting Launch RIA Executive Engine to Accelerate Advisory Firm Growth

Athens, GA – June 10, 2024 – Red Rock Strategic Partners and Marc Butler Consulting are proud to announce the launch of RIA Executive Engine, a capabilities maturity model designed for the unique challenges and aspirations of growth-oriented RIA firms. This innovative program is designed to equip firms with the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve their vision and drive substantial improvements across all facets of their firm.

The journey with RIA Executive Engine begins with an online self-assessment tool covering the five dimensions that differentiate world class RIA firms, followed by a tailored strategic plan:

  • Talent Management: Including organizational design, professional development, performance metrics, and recruitment strategies.

  • Operational Excellence: Emphasizing documented processes, quality control, KPI monitoring, and service excellence.

  • Leadership and Executive Functions: Covering financial management, strategic planning, business scaling, business continuity and succession planning, goal and KPI management and evolving vision, values, and culture.

  • Technology: Including adoption and efficient utilization, leveraging data to make decisions, continuous automation of key business functions, and omni-channel client engagement.

  • Business Growth and Development: Focused on segmenting the client engagement model, sales & marketing alignment, prospecting and pipeline management, and organic growth planning and execution.


“As we talk with RIAs throughout the country, organic growth is at the top of the list. Firms want real strategies and a team that has been in the seat of the advisor to help with execution. That’s what RIA Executive Engine does and I am excited about the opportunity.”, said Matt Johnston, CEO of Red Rock Strategic Partners.


“RIA Executive Engine is a first of its kind solution for growth-oriented RIAs to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses in the areas that will move the needle for their business and work towards a plan to becoming better in those areas. Coming off a year in 2023 when 93% of RIAs didn’t have any organic growth, we are excited to work with firms to help them get to the next level”, said Marc Butler.

For more information about the RIA Executive Engine, please contact Red Rock Strategic Partners at 267.337.0615 or


About Red Rock Strategic Partners

Red Rock Strategic Partners is dedicated to providing comprehensive, strategic solutions for independent advisory firms. With a focus on innovation and measurable results, Red Rock Strategic Partners helps firms achieve their goals and set new standards for excellence in the industry.


About Marc Butler Consulting

Marc Butler Consulting provides fractional role solutions for wealth management and wealthtech firms who need expertise and leadership in key executive roles. Marc Butler Consulting also helps firms in researching, assessing, and implementing technology solutions.



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