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Reinforcing Your Value During Market Uncertainty

You have undoubtedly noticed a slight uptick in market volatility over the past week or so.  Many in financial services are anxiously awaiting some sort of clarity from the Fed on if and when rate cuts are coming.  Geopolitical turmoil remains heightened and national political turmoil will continue to rise as the election draws nearer.  It is important in times like these we as financial professionals remember why our mission to deliver quality advice is invaluable.  The quality of our advice stems from two universal constants:

  1. We must focus more on that which we can control to achieve the outcomes we desire.  Remind your clients what they can control: 

    1. How much they spend and borrow

    2. How much they save and invest

    3. Their time horizons for achieving goals

    4. How much they intend to leave as a legacy

    5. How much they pay in taxes and fees to some extent 

  2. That we do not deliver a financial plan (plan is a noun, a thing).  We delivering planning (a verb), an ongoing and dynamic process arranged in a logical order.  This process is designed to be: 

    1. Strategic- we understand the big picture and the end game

    2. Tactical- we implement the strategy in certain ways based on current conditions

    3. Operational- we have a streamlined process to ensure we execute strategy and tactics most efficiently

    4. Contingent- we have the ability to respond to changes quickly and positively


With the second quarter beginning, the tax man knocking, and the markets a little choppy now is a great time to reinforce your value story with your clients. 


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